Our Religion is design. (FULLSTOP)

Maybe it is not that easy. Nowadays a lot of people talk about design and how much of a designy person they are. So let us try to make a point here on how design might be able to become a religion to us. If the design is our religion who is the god? Is there any? Everyone i know would say Steve Jobs – but we wouldn’t. Steve Jobs would definitely be a prophet – but Steve is more of a product guy than we are. Lets talk about people like Max Miedinger who created the typeface helvetica. Isn’t it fascinating how much of a influence this typeface had and still has over all those years. Even Steve Jobs used the typeface and it is still in use for the latest iOS and OSX Verisons of the Apple Empire. Another prophet we need to name is Helmut Newton. His work was ground breaking. His extreme and outstanding photos of so many confident and strong women let nude photography gain an art status in the 60’s and 70’s and of course let the society see women in a different way.

We could go on and on about mentioning influencers like Wes Anderson with his characteristic camera shots, record booklet designs from Nirvana to Kanye West,

editorial publishing where you can see the magic of a combination between Headlines, Copy, Content and Images that makes our eyes pop out. We could also talk about our fascination and sometimes misunderstanding of arts like a picture by prophet Jean-Michel Basquiat. But we don’t want this to end up in a game of name dropping.

So by saying design is our religion we mean: Design is everywhere all the time and we recognize that. We are that annoying couple that sit next to you in a restaurant bragging about the menu and how we could have made every simple letter in that one menu better.

And to all those “designy people” – buying an IKEA desk and getting a coffee in a cool shop in that fancy neighborhood where you feel a little bit uncomfortable but all the cool people are there – all that won’t make you a designer. Your work makes you a designer!

(…and to whoever read all that nonsense – you are our hero)