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MIRROR • Short story of similar objects

Created: 09 Nov 2017  / Categories: BLOG

How many times it happened to find similar shapes between them which seem to have any kind of relationship? As often it happens in nature all is apparently different but


Created: 07 Nov 2017  / Categories: BLOG Serie of videos for PAX. Have a fun puffs! Sound design by Six N. Five.


Created: 07 Nov 2017  / Categories: BLOG It seems today we are stepping into a new era; a realm of fast-pacing, ever-changing evolutionary phases, fusing hi-tech science, audiovisual media and art into an ...


Created: 12 Jun 2017  / Categories: BLOG

This sneaker represents the urban culture by the lettering which is choosen as a type of graffiti style. The roughness of the lettering is confronted by the very designy and

Eddie Huang · Me Myself and Why

Created: 05 Jun 2017  / Categories: BLOG

This talk Eddie Huang gave in 2015 motivates me every time. It reflects absolutely myself when he talks about this influences from The Godfather to Charles Barkley to Hip-Hop to

Post Malone // Berlin // 19.02.17

Created: 20 Feb 2017  / Categories: BLOG

The rapper most people recognize by his most popular song “White Iverson” was in Berlin, yesterday. He played a sold out show at the Columbia Halle in Berlin which is


Created: 15 Nov 2015  / Categories: BLOG, Street Religion

Singapore in three words. Colorful, clean and OH MY GOD I CAN’T STOP SWEATING. That basicly covers the whole story. Singapore is really a great place to visit. It has