This talk Eddie Huang gave in 2015 motivates me every time. It reflects absolutely myself when he talks about this influences from The Godfather to Charles Barkley to Hip-Hop to this Mom (…in this case i might pick my mom / shotouts to my mom you the illest). He talks about the process of learning in the way you like to learn which includes the sources of your choice.

You can get the same thing from watching the wire like you get from learning about Julius Cesar  –  is an example he makes which is great in my opinion. I always wondered in school and even at the university why do we learn from old books when there are so many great books from our period of time.

I also feel the same way Eddie talks about being a professional chef. He says you have three classes a day breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is absolutely the same with being a videographer. If you want to make it just fuckin‘ shoot some footage, go home and edit. Do it. One of the biggest lessons for me was always shooting music videos for my friends. They were high off weed and weren’t really motivated but they expected the best video to turn out. So i had to figure out a way of shooting a great video in a short amount of time. This gives me a powerful skill i can use for clients today. It also gives me flexibility for my schedule nowadays. I can make client projects happen because i know how much time we’ll exactly need for that project.


Thanks to Eddie for the motivation!

One love, Joe