The rapper most people recognize by his most popular song „White Iverson“ was in Berlin, yesterday. He played a sold out show at the Columbia Halle in Berlin which is close to one of Berlins most famous parts the „Bergmannkiez“.


The show started of pretty dope with an support act which we think was from the UK. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of his name or his origin because of him screaming way to loud into the mic mumbling most of the time way to fast in a flawless British accent. BUT in his defense he absolutely destroyed the stage. We haven’t seen many support acts in front of a small crowd like this giving absolutely EVERYTHING! We mean sweating, jumping and even trying to stage dive. Yeah right, trying to…(five people caught him and gave him right back). Kinda funny.


Anyways, around 9 pm the master of this evening stepped on stage! Post Malone came out. But who expected the big bang got disappointed. Post came out like he just stepped into a friends house or like he stepped into the living room where the tables were full of food and his family was ready to eat with him. He came out walking slowly and with a big smile on his face. All he said was „Put your twos up like this“ and started singing: „I don’t wanna die too youuung – to youuu-u-ung – too youu-uh-uh-uhng“. Nice!


After the song he greeted the people in the room. „Thank you so much – thank you. Berlin how you doing? Lets get f’d up tonight“. Post was really good this evening. He kept the family attitude for the whole night. He talk to the crowd like friends and he was always very polite. Everyone who knows Post Malone and his songs, knows they aren’t that much of turn-up songs. So the whole concert was kinda mellow and really relaxed.


The grand final was of course his smash hit „White Iverson“ he brought this whole crew out and popped some bottles for the fans. People started jumping and singing loud together just as it should be for every great concert. So all we can say is: Post Malone, his DJ and the support act (if anyone knows who he was let us know) did a great job! The crowd was nice and partied with the artist (not regular in Berlin) and we really enjoyed every minute of it!


See you next time Post Malone!
Thanks for the good show.

Svenja & Joe!

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